PTOH is a Brooklyn based creative practice specializing in communication design.

PTOH uses code as a primary design tool instead of an afterthought.

Design & Development
for the Meridian online shop

The founder of Meridian, Sam, is a designer and photographer, so the site features a modular system that enables him to reconfigure layouts from smaller blocks, keeping the homepage experience fresh as the store evolves. The blog portion of the site also features this granular stystem so Sam can create a unique vibe for each editorial.

Design & Development
for Kyle Johnson’s Microsite

When Kyle relocated from Seattle to New York City, he wanted to make an announcement with a tempory showcase of some of his new work. The site features a parallax scrolling layout with a mixture of fixed and sliding images.

Design & Development
for the Cell Vision online magazine

Cell Vision is an online magazine for creative culture in New York City. The site features a wide variety of content, including music, video, images, and various formats of writing. It needed to function somewhere between a comprehensive spreadsheet, and a punk zine for the digital age. The site is built around a grid with each “cell” occupying maximum real estate, letting a visual world emerge over time.

Design & Development
for Nth Child’s generative music & art

Nth Child is a website and “progressive web app” which generates music and art composed in code. A study in infinity, unique visual and musical compositions are generated live in real time, with the web browser acting as an advanced instrument and canvas.

Micro Macro Meta

PTOH—pronounced toe—was started in 2020 by Peter Toh, a designer, developer, musician, and artist from New York. Outside of his design work, Peter has done front-end development for sites such as DS & Durga, Repeller, Minna, Veda, and others.

PTOH’s design philosophy gives equal importance to the details, the bigger picture, and the invisible. Each design begins with a close consideration of context, then emerges from a process that balances visual experimentation with elegantly written code.


If you would like to inquire about working together, don’t hesitate to send an email with an explanation of your project, ideas, and questions. Thank you for visiting.